Week 8: More work on the Rivera Watercolors

May 04, 2020

Hello Again! This week, all of my time was spent on taking the annotation data and transferring it to the Rivera Watercolors. Before I started working with the actual annotations, I had to change some annotation locations, since when I did the preparatory work some time ago, they were not as precise as they needed to be. I also had to spend some time transferring some characters to unicode, so that they would display properly in Mirador, but other than that the process went fairly smoothly. Creating layered annotations, and stacking appropriate images on them, was something I had done recently, so I experienced no issues from that side. One place where I did have some issues was with my browser, which occasionally stopped displaying the annotations at all, forcing me to clear my cache and hard reload several times. It was a somewhat tedious process, but now all the annotations for Creation, Tohil, and Trials are complete for now. For the next week, I will likely be working more on some other manifests, such as the glass flutes that need to be expanded, and also continue learning and using Victory and React.







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