Wrapped-Up! My Internship at a Glance. — Week 8

May 05, 2020

Happy Cinco de Mayo to those that celebrate it!

Welcome back to Charles’s blog. This edition consists of a few progress updates since last week. Currently, I am a little wrapped with studying for the AP exam, which is next week! In the coming weeks, expect some in-depth analysis of the data I’ve accumulated through the surveys. (I’m still looking for a few more participants to complete the study, so if you or someone you know has 5 minutes to spare, their input would be much appreciated!)


Internship Overlook

My tenure at Soliel has slowly stalled to a pause. This week, we were able to reach a tentative completion with the website development project. With that, I remain on standby to provide assistance with website development, but I am not starting any new ones. Here’s a quick recap of the month-long project:

  1. We began with the task of overhauling the entire website for an enhanced, yet straightforward design.
  2. I took the next two weeks to craft up a mockup via Squarespace. I chose to make the mockup with Squarespace due to its friendly user interface, while also affording the option to offload the design onto WordPress.
  3. After carefully crafting the mockup with inputs from project management, we moved into phase 2 of the operation.
  4. I handed over the reins of development to the project manager, where he continued using my inspired design on Microsoft Visio. I worked on tweaking the layout as well as suggesting stylistic tweaks to improve overall cohesion.
  5. We presented our design to upper management, who were able to confirm the plan. Now we’re on the encoding and roll-out step onto the official website page, a technical level out of my domain!

All in all, this internship has been very insightful and eye-opening. Working in an office — for only a few weeks before the pandemic! — with an office buddy was a new territory that I’m sure I’ll encounter again a few years down the road. I loved the collaboration aspect of my internship, bouncing ideas off each other to help devise the best design iteration of the website. Plus, the conference meetings, a great introduction into the professional sphere. While I was in a private government-contracted IT company, I felt I got both the feel for the tiny startup as well as the larger corporate environment. Special thanks to Kamran, Qin, Josh, and Lei for making my plunge into the unknown as seamless and easy to learn as possible!

It was a pleasure and thanks for tuning in,

Charles Tai

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