May 05, 2020

I started the week off by building additional figures for the “Results” section of the paper. I exported the raw x-y coordinates from the tracking program into R and started designing new figures like a plot of the entire movement of the fish for the five minute tracking period. Another figure I designed was a table of each label we gave to a motor pattern along with an image of the corresponding trajectory. A key element of the paper is defining the composition of zebrafish behavior so I built a figure that showed how longer behaviors (2000ms – U-Turn, zig-zagging, etc.) were constituted of smaller patterns (500ms – forward swim, left turn, etc.). I also created frequency charts and pie charts to illustrate motor pattern differences between different populations of fish (wildtype vs. Shank3) and time intervals (300ms, 500ms, 1000ms, 2000ms).

On Thursday, Dr. Kanwal and I virtually attended the “Physics of Behavior Workshop.” Here, we heard talks by prominent figures in the field about the challenges being faced and the work being done to advance the field. The talks were insightful and encouraging. Hearing how other labs are performing similar experiments and analysis was reassuring that we were on the right track.

I ended the week by preparing the parameters of each motor pattern for statistical tests.

This week I hope to continue refining the results section of the paper and creating my Senior Project Presentation.

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  1. Kareena K. says:

    Such great work! I’m super impressed that you have managed to work with your mentor, created new design models, and making progress on your paper. Keep it up:)

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