Week 3- Conducting New Research With a New Mindset

May 08, 2020

Welcome back, everyone!

 I have not updated as of recently as I have been attempting to alter my project. With the impact of COVID-19 and the recent announcement of a stay at home legal order, I am not able to travel to various locations (I was not going to even prior to the legal order) to gather more sources that I need in order to conduct my research. Many of these sources that I needed are found in the George Mason University Library or the Library of Congress. However, as of now, I am unable to leave my house to gather my resources.

Due to my current dilemma, I will be changing the final product of my project and will instead attempt to dissect the field of forensic psychology as it is currently used. I have not yet completely finalized my final project product as of my third week, but will attempt to make a new syllabus along with it. As of now, I will be using the books that I have already read and the books that I had gathered prior to the quarantine as well as the websites I have found in order to gather my official research. 

My current research includes the reading of “The Killer Across the Table” by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker. I am currently on chapter 11, titled “The Abandoned Volkswagen,” which is a continuation of the previous chapter discussing the case of Joseph Kondro. The Kondro case was an exceptional example of the role media plays in a smaller case that later aids in its expansion to encompass multiple police and federal jurisdictions. He accounts for this media craze to the public’s fascination with “true crime”, which he writes is not an interest in the killers, but a “fascination with what writers and philosophers call the human condition.” The human condition, in this case, references the large extremes within human behavior and life in an account of both the suspect and the victim. “In a very real sense,” Douglas writes, “the television audience was after the same thing I was: a wider and deeper understanding of the criminal mind.” 

As of now, I hope to update you all again with new changes and finalizations to my project! As well as revealing some new information I have read about.


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