Week 7: Plots

May 08, 2020

Hi everyone,

Last week, all of the analysis was finished. As summarized in my week 6 blog, we discovered that there is a strong causal relationship between frequency of insomnia symptoms and the risk of lung cancer. This week, I created some plots to help visualize all three of the exposure/outcome combinations (chronotype, sleep duration, insomnia).

There are two types of plots for each other the analyses. The first is a scatter plot that displays the effect of each SNP on the exposure against the effect of each SNP on the outcome (lung cancer). The second is a forest plot that compares the causal effect of measured by each SNP individually and the inverse variance weighted method that uses all the SNPs. I have attached the six plots below. In week 8, I will begin writing a final research paper that reports all of these results. If there are any questions about the graphs, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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