Week 8: Paper and Presentation Preparation Begins

May 08, 2020

Hello everyone,

As mentioned in my Week 7 blog, work on my project is essentially done. Now, we turn to the next phase which is creating a research report. The structure of the paper will be as follows:

  1. Abstract – consisting of background information relevant to the topic, a description of our methods, summary of our results, and a conclusion.
  2. Introduction – essentially elaborating on the background information and the methods that will be used.
  3. Materials and Methods – explaining where the data was obtained and providing further detail on how the analyses are done.
  4. Results – detailing our results and using any plots/visualizations where necessary.
  5. Discussion – a summary of our results and an explanation of the significance of this research. Also any potential errors/room for improvement.
  6. References.

I’m excited to start writing! See you all next week.

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