Week 9: Finishing flutes(Again)

May 11, 2020

Hello Again! This week, similar to last week, my time was spent on refining the manifests and adding additional information where necessary, though on the glass flutes and not the watercolors. I had finished the first flute, DCM0717, several weeks ago, but two new flutes, DCM1235 and DCM1311, were added to the Glass At Risk folder, and so I repeated a similar process. This time around it was more difficult, as the guides to the analysis and images were quite dense, and at times very unclear. On looking back to the very first manifest I created, I also noticed a host of issues that I was able to see from working on other manifests, and made some functionality and Quality of Life changes. Despite all those new issues I brought up, at the end of the day the process is still almost identical to the first time I used it, so the end result wasn’t too difficult to create. For next week, most likely the plan is to work with the Madison Notes, one of the Library’s “Top Treasures”, and I’ve attached some background information below. Because of the importance and level of interest with work like this, I will also be communicating with another researcher to help clarify and explain what the final product should look like and it’s interactivity. I will also be adding new types of annotation that serve to clarify what text was hidden/crossed out to bring additional meaning to the document.









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