Weeks 8 &9: Not Much Happened

May 12, 2020

Hello Hello!

As the title suggested not much happened. I worked on creating hot links. I cried when they didn’t work (not really but I whined). This week is the last week of my internship and I’m a little sad about not being able to work with my on-site mentor anymore, so I asked if I could be an intern during the summer! Hopefully, he has some work I can do.

I’m going to have to work full force on my senior project now to meet the deadline since I procrastinated a little, but I should be fine. Working at home is tough when your desk is always dimly lit (darn you south-facing windows), but that is just a minor nitpick.

I hope everyone is safe and working hard!

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  1. Charles T. says:

    Haha! You got this.

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