Delay in Research & Future Plans

May 13, 2020

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to my blog. I apologize for not having posted in some time. Unfortunately, I’ve been using these past few weeks mainly to prepare for my AP Calculus Exam, so I haven’t had much time to conduct an in-depth literature review. Additionally, I have successfully transferred into the engineering school at my intended university. I hope to study biomedical engineering there for the next four years.

Throughout this week, I hope to research the physics behind fluorescence and the fluorescent dye-laser sheet chemical reaction. Then, I will review the pros and cons of each of the three ultrasound-responsive polymers I intend to use. Following that step, I aim to provide a clearer explanation of the experiment set-up. Of course, all of this information will be in my final paper and presentation. I will get back to you all soon with another blog post. Until then, I’m wishing everyone all the best!



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