What do I do with this?

May 14, 2020

Hello everyone. I have been radio silent the past weeks. What I was doing the past weeks was dying in frustration because my code didn’t work for the tenth time importing data. And surprise, surprise the final product of those efforts was this:

It’s not much, and it took a lot of head banging to get it right. But if I run those measly couple lines, I get this:

I was so happy to see the code finally work, but the displayed result only told me harder times are ahead. This is my data that I will be manipulating. Unfortunately, what I have displayed doesn’t make much sense. I imported my data from Excel, where I was recording the organized pieces. I will have to recode something somewhere to get the data in R to look similar to the way it’s displayed in Excel.

I want it to look like this. BUT, I don’t know where to fix this. I mean, I have been learning this all from scratch without someone there to tell me focus and work.

And yes, these are all the pieces that I was able to input before COVID-19 prevented me from obtaining more. They have many parts that I had to reorganize. Yet, coding makes me want to return to the days of tedious sorting.

3 Replies to “What do I do with this?”

  1. Audrey K. says:

    I put in a secret message at the top. Double click or highlight the white space to read.

    1. Shang Z. says:

      Hahahah, you are the best!

  2. Miller H. says:

    It’s nice to see that everything’s falling into place! A little code can go a long way.

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