Week 9: A Busy Time!

May 15, 2020

This week was very busy, so I have many things to discuss.

I participated in my team’s calls this week. From these calls, I learned that the office of my internship is still closed due to D.C.’s stay-at-home order still being in place. I am personally thankful for the news because I am comfortable working at home. From what I can see, the AFPM has stayed efficient as a company throughout this situation, so I have no concerns about teleworking more.

I also participated in a webinar about hurricanes in a pandemic. It was very interesting! The topic of natural disasters during a pandemic is surely an important one due to the current Covid-19 situation, especially since we are nearing hurricane season. As someone who will attend college in an area that will be affected by such an occurrence, it was nice to see how companies plan and consider different factors such as workers’ safety and the relocation of people who would be displaced by a major storm.

On Thursday, I was able to catch up with a chemical engineer who works at the AFPM. I met him during my first (and only) week in the office so I’m glad we finally got to sit down and catch up. We had a great conversation about college, engineering, and the energy industry. Just talking made me more optimistic about my educational choices and potential career choices, as he and I had many parallels in our lives. Our conversation also made me realize that there are more people in the world like me including people of color who are in the energy industry, and who have struggled like me. In this world of uncertainty, it’s nice to know I am not alone in my experiences and that I have people I can look up to.

I have to say that while my week was busy, I did not accomplish everything I had planned. I still need to do my PowerPoint draft, along with creating and sending out emails that are related to my internship. I plan to finish some of these tasks today and do the rest next week. Hopefully, by next Wednesday I will have a draft of my presentation based on the rubric given.

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