Week 9: The Final Stretch

May 17, 2020

For one last time, welcome back everyone!

As I’ve been spending this week reflecting on my findings and overall accomplishments these past few months I was able to look back at the immense amount of work done at my internship site which made me want to reach out to my on-site mentor who I have not been in touch with. My hope is to continue working with him over the summer as he and his coworkers can train me in scribing and I will take those skills with me on campus in the fall in hopes of working in the hospital.

In regards to my project, my days have been spent working on my final presenation and final product. Believe it or not I am already using the infromation I have learned in my everyday life as I have been more aware of the food and medicine me or my family members take, such as not taking any Advil or Tylenol and instead eating a ginger root! My findings were supposed to be reflected thorugh a conference board, but as I am no longer able to go to any printing services an electronic version will have to do. The presentation is progressing well and hope you all will enjoy the video posted next week.

Stay safe,


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  1. davidc says:

    Great work, Kareena! You did a great job with all this and should be very proud of your final product! It was great working with you and I can’t wait for your presentation soon!

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