Week 10: Flute decision tree

May 18, 2020

Hello Again! This week, though I did set up some framework for the Madison notes, the bulk of making and transferring annotations will happen next week. Rather, this week I worked on adding one more piece to the glass flutes, which is the decision tree analysis. It is a guide, in flowchart form, on how to identify what type of glass a 19th century Laurent flute is, and from there recommends which measures to take to best preserve the condition of the flute. Though I had a base slide with some information regarding preservation techniques, I had to transfer text from a word document onto annotations. This was rather a change from previous manifests, as before, there was set text and annotation locations that were very clear, but for the decision tree analysis I was responsible for paraphrasing the important scientific processes and identifiers, as well as deciding what images should go up, along with the actual locations. It took longer than my other projects to work out what exactly I needed to do, but the end result is relatively straightforward with both the locations and descriptions. I also worked on setting up the manifest for the Madison notes, which is still in progress, given there are 12 different canvases I need to put it up. Since this is my second-to-last week of the senior project, and since the Library requires all interns to give a presentation and to write up a paper, I worked on my report draft, and also worked with my supervisor on my presentation and what that should look like. For my next(and final) week, I will give my official presentation, finish my intern report, and hopefully complete the Madison annotations and manifest.




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  1. Miller H. says:

    I’d never thought ‘Flute Decision Tree’ would be a set of words I’d hear together. Sounds very involved!

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