Week 9: Wrapping Up

May 19, 2020

Hello All,

The last week of my Senior Project involved a lot of finalizing and small touchups. Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to run my GUI in the test environment because we would have to install python on the client’s computer (which we didn’t want to do). But because the primary type of task was running arguments from the command line, I just printed them instead and they looked exactly as I hoped. The only things that I wanted to tweak were small details that would make it even easier for someone to use that didn’t have similar tasks. As stated in other blogs, a big goal of my project is for the GUI to be useable for any number and sequence of tasks that run commands from the command line.

The most significant activity of the past week was tightening up the XML file to allow a user to input all of their own directories for where all of the files and programs are stored. My end product has one attribute within each task that says where the output should go, and the user inputs the directory of the XML file in use. This way, there doesn’t have to be any specific directory tree installed on the user’s computer.

I just had my last check-in with my onsite advisor, and looking back on this 10-week project as a whole, I am pleased with how it turned out. I finished pretty much everything that I set out to complete, learning a lot about professional software development (and python in specific) along the way. My last blog post will be in a week or so in the form of a final presentation video. I hope you all enjoyed reading about my project!

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