Starting my Final Presentation

May 20, 2020

Welcome back!

After months of researching and writing, my research paper has almost been completed. This leaves me with my final presentation. I am less worried about my final presentation than I was about my research paper. This is probably due to the fact that I prefer talking over writing, and the presentation is more talking while the paper was more writing. The one challenging aspect of the presentation will be deciding which information to put in and which to leave out. I know that I should only put the big ideas on the slides, yet there will be times that I will be tempted to write out more.

Besides working on my senior project, I have been trying to keep myself occupied in other ways. Over the past month, I have been working on a farm that recently got a shipment of a few hundred trees. By planting trees and taking care of the animals during the day and working on my paper at night, I have been very busy. Thankfully, I enjoy both activities so the work is more enjoyable rather than being a burden.


I’ll see you all next time!



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