May 21, 2020


I am sure that everyone reading this is more than familiar with COVID 19, considering it is disrupting our lives in so many ways and causing so many deaths. However, I am not so sure that you guys are as familiar with something called the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome aka SARS. SARS is a coronavirus from earlier in the 21st century. Originating in China in 2002, it quickly spread to 26 countries, causing an international panic. Thankfully, the virus was largely contained with less than 10,000 cases and roughly 1,000 deaths. The virus has had no new cases since 2004, which is part of the reason that most people in my generation have never heard of it.

The reason I bring this up is that I am using data from SARS to predict the effect that COVID 19 will have on Chinese aid and investment in Africa. While SARS had a much smaller effect than COVID 19 (costing the world roughly $50 billion) it is still similar enough that we can use the data from SARS and look at the trends that occurred at the time. Obviously, this system is not perfect but it does present a good enough comparison to make rough estimates. I can’t wait to share my results with you in my final paper and presentation!



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