Week 10 – And Now, the End…

May 22, 2020

Welcome back, everyone!

This week was bittersweet. Friday marks the end of my internship. I had a wonderful time working with everyone in the PRTD. I spent the week wrapping everything up for my internship, including but not limited to: writing a research paper about the work I did, giving my final presentation to the PRTD (don’t worry, my final senior project presentation will be going up soon), adding the final details to my color reports, and organizing the information I collected for the Library of Congress’s database. It was a busy week. I’m extremely grateful to everyone on the PRTD team who helped me get it all done (shoutout to Jamie for sacrificing part of her weekend to help edit my paper!) I’m sad to see them go, but proud of what I accomplished.

Now that my internship is over, I am moving on to finishing my senior project work. I can’t wait to share my results with all of you!

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