Week 10: Hard Work and Preparation

May 22, 2020

This week was not as intense as last week, but it was still busy. I participated in the three conference calls held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. From there, I was able to work on my final presentation for the Senior Project. I used the presentation guide given by Ms. Irving, and in doing so, I added the tables I made to the PowerPoint. Also, using the tables, I made graphs of the data I accumulated. I believe that I have little touches to add to the PowerPoint itself, like clarifying information. I also need to turn my PowerPoint into a video for next week.

Also, I will be continuing my internship at the A.F.P.M.! I am excited about this opportunity because I like the work I am doing. I will extend my internship until mid-July. I hope I have the opportunity to get back to the office and have the experience that was intended originally. However, I will be more than happy to work at home, as I’ve been enjoying it.

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  1. Charles T. says:

    Awesome Robbi!
    I’m glad you’ll be continuing your work further. I wish I could be continuing mine in the office as well.

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