Week 11: Finishing up

May 26, 2020

Hello Again! My last week at the Library of Congress was the busiest week, as along with the Madison notes, I had to complete an intern report detailing what I did during my internship, and I also had to give a presentation with similar goals. Aside from presenting what I’ve done, I also finished the annotations for most of the Madison notes. The Madison notes are different in that the annotations on them are transcription annotations, and not scientific ones, meaning that their purpose is to translate sometimes illegible parts of text. Though it sounds simple, it was time consuming having to cross-reference a copy of the text with the original document, and trying to find out where the document starts and ends. However, even though there were 12 different canvases I had to apply annotations to, after the first few the process went much smoother when I realized how the text was formatted, and how to place the annotations. I was able to get through 7 or 8 out of the 12 canvases, which concludes my official internship timespan. I am grateful to have done it, as I learned a lot about coding, JSON, and how to apply what I’ve learned into a real deliverable.













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  1. Charles T. says:

    That’s awesome. These scans are really high quality. I can examine the texture of the works online!

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