Week 4: COVID Updates

May 26, 2020

Hi everyone, I’m following up on last week’s blog post regarding the possible closure of USUHS. Over the past week, there has been an extremely high influx of COVID-19 cases in Maryland. As a result, all medical students and researchers that aren’t studying the virus have been sent home. USUHS is on nearly complete lockdown and Walter Reed Hospital is being overwhelmed with cases. Therefore, I will be unable to conduct research at USUHS anymore. My onsite mentors are looking for alternative ways where I could conduct my project, however I know for sure that for the duration of the Senior Project, I will be unable to return to campus. This sudden halt in all research at the university will definitely cause many complications for the overall dynamic for my Senior Project. 

I am deeply saddened by the abrupt stop to my research project. I was truly beginning to feel at home at USUHS and started to become much more knowledgeable about my topic. I feel like there was so much potential for me to continue to grow under the mentorship of these revered doctors, both as a critical thinker and a scientist. 

Despite my disappointment about the situation, I must also understand the huge implications that this COVID-19 pandemic will have on a global scale. The healthcare industry is being called to step forward and battle on the front lines, and thousands of people and families are being impacted. This has further driven my passion to be in the healthcare industry so that I can one day be a part of the industry’s valiant effort to keep people healthy. I hope that everyone stays home and stays healthy during these strange times. Until next week!

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