Week 5: Next Steps

May 26, 2020

Hi everyone! Today I will be explaining what my research project will look like going forward. 

As I said last week, I will be unable to go into the lab and conduct any experiments due to the urgent nature of the virus. Therefore, the only viable solution that I have to continue my senior project is to become more knowledgeable about acute kidney injury and the harmful effects of a tourniquet treatment.

As for my final product, the research project that I chose in the beginning was a relatively new one, which means that there is very little prior research that I can base my final product (a research paper) on. The reason that it is difficult to find research on my topic is because of the novel nature of research projects. The goal of most researchers is to either study something that hasn’t been looked into before, or to create a more thorough solution to a difficult problem. In my case, there is a very small amount of literature that details both the harmful effects of the tourniquet treatment on soldiers and the recovery methods required to combat said effects. Research has been done on acute kidney injury and different ways to combat it in such a short period of time, so it is difficult for me to write a paper using other people’s conclusions. The research that has been done is very preliminary as not enough trials have been done for me to come to a properly reasoned conclusion. Therefore, my final product will be a paper on the culmination of everything that I have learned during this whole process. It will not only detail the different techniques that I have learned in the lab and the information that I have learned on the topic, but also different thought processes that go into conducting research as well as how COVID-19 has changed my perspective on healthcare.

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