Week 8- “Comeback, kid!”

May 27, 2020

Hey again,

Why hate the you from three weeks ago, who thought that they knew what they were doing, when you can hate the you that exists in the present, who is confident that they have no direction but can’t seem to inspire themselves to find one?

Remind me to cross “life-coach” off of my list of potential job prospects, along with semi-competent programmer. The Tensorflow package was hard enough to use when my data set was oversimplified, but when delving further into vehicle classes and their respective frequency across a given road, I feel like the computation needed is finally too much for the small rodent on a treadmill that supplies energy to my brain. 

I can’t run away from the reality of my situation forever: I might have to shrink my data set to something more manageable, selecting only one type of pavement or climate or something like that.


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