Finalizing Deliverable

May 29, 2020

These past few weeks have been busy! I have been focused on conducting different tests with the collected data to try and achieve new insights. I first created a new spreadsheet consisting of all of the parameters (Total Distance Travelled, Mean Velocity, Mean Vector of Turning Angle, etc.) calculated for different time intervals (300ms, 500ms, 1000ms, 2000ms) and the associated action pattern (e.g. stagnation, left turn). This new spreadsheet will allow for a broader scope of statistical tests to be run to determine the accuracy of the action pattern classification and any major trends.

I also spent some time reformatting the figures. For example, the Markov Chain diagrams show the probability that one pattern will transition to another. However, we only wanted to study and emphasize transition probabilities over 0.1. Thus, I had to reconfigure the models to show the desired data.

I am currently working on my final presentation and hope to have the deliverable ready soon.

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