The Research Countdown — Week 9

May 29, 2020

Oh, hey there. Long time no see!
Since my last blog, I have wrapped up my final AP exam! Furthermore, I have been hard at work, finishing my research for the Senior Project. I can’t wait to unveil the final product in the coming days!

Last week, I was able to complete the survey portion of my research finally. All in all, I had one-hundred and one individual respondents across two closely similar surveys. As a sneak peek, here are the results to one of the screening questions: “Which of the following options best describe your current ideology?”

It was interesting to see a near even spread across both surveys when it came to political ideology. However, it wasn’t surprising to see that more respondents aligned politically left. Living in the Northern Virginia region, I inadvertently had more contacts within the historically Democrat party stronghold.
The end is in sight! See you next week for my final blog.

Best regards,
Charles Tai

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  1. Ethan H. says:

    Interesting results! Can’t wait to see your final presentation.

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