Are we done yet? I have to do this again?

May 30, 2020

Hello everyone, this is going to be one of my last blog posts. The next one will be my last post with my final presentation. The senior project is coming to an end for me and I am glad to have gone on this journey.

What I have been doing is preparing my final presentation. Oh no. The dreaded presentation. Presentations are not my forte and my problem is that I speak wayyyy too fast. Allthewordswerejumbledtogether. I had to redo my recording multiple times. I kept on zooming through the presentations because I wanted to finish this. My mindset was like ripping off a band aid; let’s just get over this.

This presentation is going online, so I must take care in preparing and presenting. While making this, I had to reflect on my time during this project. I learned a lot about myself and what I need to personally work on. I need to be more proactive to find jobs (or an internship in this case). Luckily I was able to find a place to work, but I might have not been able to do this senior project at all. I also learned how important a schedule is to me. In the beginning, I thought I had a lot of time during the day. Turns out, I did not and instead I was driving for hours everyday. I was going to drive myself crazy. With my limited time, I had to buckle down to learn a new skill without supervision. Overall, I’m glad that this senior project showed me what it was like as a working adult.

Thank you for reading my blog posts and I hope you enjoy the presentation. I’ll be posting it in my next post. See you then.

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