Housing justice is climate justice, and a note about egalitarian work culture:

May 30, 2020

      There was an interesting discussion with the members of Virginia Youth Climate Strike about how urban planning/policies and housing injustice contributes to the climate crisis. After reading some articles on the site CityLab about how the COVID-19 pandemic will mean a difficult time ahead for public transit in the U.S, I realized that if COVID is the death knell for public transportation, that will be a large setback in terms of combating climate change. When discussing this, I started a longer conversation about how better policies with regards to city planning can help mitigate the effects of climate change.
        In that conversation, one of the state co-leads brought up the idea of hosting a panel discussion. I asked her about how I could work on getting that idea into a reality, to which she responded that I should first reach out to my regional co-leads, and then they would get help from the state team in organizing that discussion. While the process for getting that idea into action is still a bit opaque, that experience helped demonstrate the relatively bottom-up quality to VAYCS. While this can be a good thing, I still am cognizant when engaging with casual conversations with people on the state team because I respect their roles.

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