The great divide: the relationship between VAYCS and USYCS

May 30, 2020

The organization of US Youth Climate Strike (USYCS) has evolved in recent months from fighting for climate justice to a revolutionary anti-capitalist organization, as shown by the changes it has adopted into its constitution. This rift between the goals of USYCS and the VA state chapter are relevant in that being a revolutionary organization would hamper Virginia climate advocacy efforts. While the Democrats control the VA statehouse, the state is not yet deeply blue. I will not delve more into these ideological shifts, but there are other concerns that the VA Youth Climate Strike (VAYCS) state leadership team have had with the national organization.

One example of the issues with USYCS is that while it is supposed to be giving VAYCS support for policy research, the VA policy director has not gotten any support from the national policy director. Another example is that the VAYCS outreach director is supposed to get some assistance from the national outreach director to help get the state climate strike in contact with other climate organizations, and that has not happened. In these and various other situations, VAYCS has not been receiving any assistance from national, even though USYCS is supposed to be supporting its state chapters.

Some state chapters (Washington, Illinois, Wisconsin, Arizona) have responded to the disconnect they feel they are experiencing with the national organization through one drastic step: secession. In the next blog post, the process of what would happen to VAYCS in a hypothetical secession will be explained.


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