The point of no return: what secession from USYCS would look like:

May 30, 2020

The first thing that would be worked on in the case of secession by Virginia Youth Climate Strike (VAYCS) would be drafting a new constitution for the organization, including the new core principles and organizational structure. Relating to that structure, the state team positions of VAYCS (finance director, outreach director, etc) would also change or expand in the case of secession. Since VAYCS was required by US Youth Climate Strike (USYCS) to have a specific structure for the state team, seceding from national would give the state chapter more flexibility in how it operates. Later on, a letter would be drafted by the state team with all members’ feedback to national (via the co-working platform Slack) explaining the reason for our secession. The creative team at VAYCS would work on changing the name and some of the graphic design elements of VAYCS.

This whole episode would demonstrate what leadership that does not focus as much on its smaller subsets’ concerns as much as a big picture goal could do to an organization. By losing the first Southern state to commit to 100% renewable energy by a certain date, USYCS would suffer a great setback. For VAYCS, secession would prove beneficial in terms of allowing the state organization to focus more on state issues and local outreach. However, it would shut the state chapter from ever returning to USYCS and participating in climate advocacy on a national level. Overall, it is not a decision that would be made without a proper amount of deliberation.


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