Week 11: Final Presentation & Deliverable

May 31, 2020

Final Presentation


Final Deliverable

Below is the link to my GitHub page, where you can find all the code needed to run my Humor Detection model on your computer: https://github.com/ETH88/Humor_Detection.

The instructions to run my code are on the GitHub page. Feel free to ask me any questions!


Special Thanks

This project would not be possible without so many people. I’d first and foremost like to thank BASIS Independent McLean for providing me the opportunity to do a senior research project. I’d also like to thank Ms. Irving, my college counselor, and Dr. Grove, my senior project advisor.

And this project would definitely not be possible without everyone at Clarabridge’s support, especially Mr. Gade. Mr. Gade has been an awesome, nice, and incredibly knowledgeable mentor. Connecting with me every day through Slack, guiding me through my project, helping me understand challenging concepts, and introducing me to so many new and incredibly useful computer science applications and programs – I cannot thank him enough. The creation of a humor detection model that achieves an accuracy of over 95% would not have been possible without his help, guidance, and support. And a big, big thank you to everyone on the Clarabridge Natural Language Processing team, especially Ms. Loeshelle and Mr. Banerjee, for giving me this wonderful opportunity and welcoming me into the Clarabridge family. 

I’ve learned so much through this senior project. I’ve been able to not only apply knowledge from AP Computer Science and my machine learning camp at UC Berkeley to solve a real-world problem, but I’ve also been able to explore new computer science applications and libraries. I’ve also had the opportunity that not many high schoolers have – to work in a professional workplace, meet so many new and incredibly talented and knowledgeable mentors, and have a glimpse into the inner workings of one of the leading text analytics companies in the world.

This project has furthered my passion for computer science tremendously. I’ve learned so much and enjoyed every second of it! I cannot wait to continue to explore my passion for computer science at UC Berkeley next fall. Who knows what the future holds?

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  1. Charles T. says:

    We all know what the future holds for you… success! I thoroughly enjoyed your work Ethan!

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