Week 4: Internship Bumps and the Origin Story

May 31, 2020


Hello everyone! 

          Although over the past few weeks my internship has been getting a little intense, I am very proud to see it go the way it is. I have been helping with some more graphics and have been helping out with some more work that I have been given. Although I never would have expected my Senior Project to take a turn like this, I am very thrilled with the way that it has continued! 

With Zolon Tech, I have been able to expand my horizons to an office environment while still keeping the same difficulty of work! This is something that I believe will be an indescribable experience for me in the future and will be a connection that I believe will stay with me into my professional career. As for my project, I have been evaluating research that I have been reading from certain books and have been able to sort through different profiles. This is something that I am glad to have gotten better in with more experience and time as the Senior Project continued. 

The current book that I am gathering information from is Mindhunter by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker. Mindhunter covers what is possibly the largest consolidated source of forensic psychology and criminal profiling. Douglas and Olshaker describe the evolution of the National Academy content into the work of the BSU (Behavioral Science Unit) of the FBI. This unit was created by Howard Teten and Patrick Mullany who were seen as the godfathers of criminal profiling. Douglas was also a member of this unit which means that the book has plenty of first-hand accounts of cases and content that he learned and covered!

Until next time!

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