Week 7-8: So Many Classifications

May 31, 2020

Hi everyone!

As I now begin to slowly compile my data I am able to see the silhouette of my presentations and ideas coming together. I am now able to group the profilers and am able to classify them based on their motive and their signature! Although some of these cases do get hard to hear about and look at, I know that I need to learn it in order to both further my study and garner the right research needed. 

As of right now, I am reading a book that describes the overviews of different classifications of homicides and serial murder and is able to provide me with references to the type and personality of the offender. This is very important to the field of forensic psychology as in this case, they are using the surroundings of the crime scene and the victimology in order to determine the classification and then using that also be able to give a profile. 

From this, I have also realized that profiling requires more intricate skill than I thought it did. Profilers often have to deal with an overwhelming number of cases and often have to deal with confirmation bias if the local police department reveals the identity of the primary suspect. From this, they must also determine the best method of apprehension for the offender and must determine whether the offender is devolving or evolving. With the research that I am collecting, I hope to be able to explain these classifications to others and be able to emphasize the importance of the study!

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