Week 9: The Farewell

May 31, 2020

Welcome back, everyone! 

This week officially marks the end of my time with Zolon Tech Inc. During this time, I was able to have so many priceless experiences surrounding working in an office and being able to work with my interests. I know that as I continue my student career into college these skills that I learned at Zolon Tech will be used very often and will give me an opportunity to expand my knowledge. Although I have not been able to spend much time at my internship location, I was still able to learn and work from home. I just officially sent in my farewell email as well to my mentors and I was able to tell them how grateful I was for the opportunity. I know that I will be applying what I have learned at Zolon Tech Inc. within my future career as well. 

This week I have also been working on my Senior Project presentation. Although this seems daunting, I am ready for the challenge! So far I am at 39 slides and hope to cut it down a little by removing more specifically driven data. With my slides, I will not be sacrificing quality for quantity. 

I have also begun working on my deliverable which seems a little more interesting as I will be analyzing a show that involves serial homicide. With my deliverable, I will be applying what I have learned from my research in order to relate the show’s offenders to real-life classifications and be able to tell their attributes. From there I will also be able to provide examples of similar caught offenders and will be able to pinpoint certain alike attributes. I hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew! 

Until next time!


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