Compuculture: Conclude

Jun 01, 2020

Looking back on my experiences in VR, I can scarcely imagine how such a fantastic place can exist. It’s magical how parts of so many different worlds are pieced together by all the different people present. I believe that VR is a necessary experience for everyone, and I sincerely hope that its user base continues to grow.


As for my project, I’m proud to present my final product and presentation, both of which have had countless hours put into improving them as much as I could.

My final product is a 22-page long paper that details my experiences in VR and the conclusions I’ve reached. It’s a great read for anyone interested in VR or virtual interactions. You can read it here:

In my presentation, I discuss broadly my experiences and conclusions but also mention my internship, a topic not covered in the paper. You can watch the video of my final presentation here:


Before we wrap up, consider this: Which virtual culture do you think you fall in?

Are you a Gamer, aiming to complete objectives and win?

Maybe a Socializer, who enjoys the company of others above all?

Or an Expressor, who wants to release their feelings and take in the world around them?


Thanks to everyone who’s been following my blog. My senior project has been fantastic, and it’s been a great experience for me to learn about not just VR but other people and the world around me.

Game on!

Miller Hollinger

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