Final Blog Post

Jun 01, 2020

Welcome to my final blog post! These past few months have been exciting. Over the course of my senior project, I not only learned more about the field of neuroscience and motor behavior but also about the scientific process and how to extract insights from data.

These past few months, I have gone from having some short recordings of zebrafish swimming to intricate analyses of movement data that provide new revelations about the structure of behavior to a publishable paper on the findings. However, there is plenty of room for this project to grow. Now that the main methodology has been fully developed, we can begin to introduce changes to the swimming environment. By inserting new variables into the swimming environment of the zebrafish we can better understand how the brain coordinates behavior in response to change.

Here is the link to my senior project presentation: . I hope you enjoy!



2 Replies to “Final Blog Post”

  1. Ethan H. says:

    Hi Bhavjeet!
    Watched your final presentation video – very informative and extremely interesting. I love the various visuals and videos, especially the comparison of the tracking of the different test populations’ movements and the Markov modeling chart.
    Very impressive and cool application of computer vision and machine learning to biology. I can’t wait to read the research paper!

  2. Charles T. says:

    Loved your work! Wish there was more content to consume!

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