An Introduction To My Project

Mar 11, 2021

Hi! I’m Ria. I am working with the Arlington Psychological Offices to further my interest in psychology. My project is on the negative effects of the pandemic on mental health in populations of domestic abuse and low-income families. I will be looking at both Arlington and National Data to observe how rates of anxiety and depression increased in different demographics. The goals of my project are to gain experience with research in a field I am very interested in and hopefully, provide new insight into mental health and the pandemic.

This week I have started collecting preliminary data and getting familiarized with different sources and literature. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be writing a literature review with the help of my mentor at the office. I will let you know any interesting data I find and I am very excited to start this project!

3 Replies to “An Introduction To My Project”

  1. Dora X. says:

    Ria, I love the idea of your project! Especially with the difficult circumstances people are currently facing, it is definitely necessary to emphasize mental health awareness and study the ways COVID-19 has negatively impacted various demographics.

  2. Adelia Z. says:

    I am very intrigued to see what you find. The pandemic has affected so many facets of our lives and its impacts on mental health, especially among disadvantaged communities, have, unfortunately, often been overlooked.

  3. Maria T. says:

    Yes, such an important perspective on the impacts of the pandemic! I hope this project furthers your interest in psychology and your future.

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