Mar 11, 2021

Hello everyone! My name is Milan Manjunath and welcome to the journey of my senior project. My main focus will be on how different sports leagues can prevent the risk of concussions for their players. I will also be looking into the data of the NFL, FIFA, and NHL to examine the rate of concussions each season for these leagues. I will also be looking at what happens in our brain while undergoing a major hit to the skull. I will also focus on the healing process and different methods our bodies use to repair the major blows players receive to their heads.

We all went through a phase when we were learning how to ride bikes as toddlers. We all also remember that our mom always told us to put on a helmet. But, as more research was done scientists realized that helmets don’t prevent concussions. They prevent head injuries. Even then, they are not that effective in doing so. Then I thought to myself, is there anything out there that can prevent concussions effectively? The answer is no!

As a kid growing up I was a huge fan of watching sports. Specifically watching the NFL and the NHL. I noticed that in almost every single game there was a player that had to leave the game because they had suffered a concussion. As I got older I learned that the main reason concussions occur is due to cheap and dirty hits. Leagues have introduced fines and suspensions to these hits, but they are still not enough.

Finally, I will also look into what new methods we can use to minmize the risk of concussions. Looking at the composition of different helmets would increase my understanding. From there I can conclude which materials are the safest for preventing concussions. I am grateful for the opportunity to finally explore these topics further. I hope to have a engaging time in these next few months.



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