Introduction and Week 1

Mar 12, 2021

Hi everyone!

My name is Adi and for my senior project I will be exploring the question of how often employees should be paid. I will be exploring this question from the perspective of the individual employee, employer, and larger economy. I will also be considering how this optimal paycheck distribution frequency may vary for those of differing incomes as well as if the same conclusions can be applied to other types of payments, such as government aid. While I work on this independent research project, I will also be interning at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), where I will be assisting in the analysis of their Making Ends Meet survey. Over the course of both the research project and internship, I hope to gain skills in reading and analyzing the research of others along with statistical analysis. Specifically, I will be learning how to use the statistical program Stata.

In the past week, I have met with both of my advisors to discuss the timelines of my project and internship. I have also gotten my company laptop set up and begun learning how to use Stata. In terms of my independent project, I have begun reading and taking notes on a number of published sources relating to my question, most of which have focused on the consumption cycles created by the monthly distribution of various forms of government aid. These sources have raised a number of additional questions as I continue to search for new sources. I am very excited to continue working on my project and share my findings with all of you in the coming weeks.       

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  1. Ria K. says:

    Hi Adi! This sounds so cool. I never thought about how paycheck frequency would differ between different populations and different payments. The topics on how often government aid should be distributed are overlooked and I am excited to see what you find.

  2. Maria T. says:

    This seems like such a cool mix of economics and politics. Can’t wait to hear more about the work you are doing! 🙂

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