Week 1: Karan’s Senior Project Introduction

Mar 12, 2021

Greetings Everybody,

My name is Karan Mehta. For the next few months, I will researching the Financial, Social, and Behavioral Impacts of COVID-19 on College Admissions. I will be interning at Nolij Consulting, a small-woman owned government healthcare contracting form, under the advisement of my on-site mentor Ms. Kristen Murphy. Fortunately, I had an opportunity to connect with my on-site mentor earlier this week. I arrived at Nolij Consulting’s office in Tysons Corner, VA on Tuesday morning to help transport packaged foods to a donation center for families in need. During the food drive, I was able to meet my on-site mentor and talk a little bit more about my project in detail. This was a great opportunity for me to discuss the expectations of my internship and senior project in further detail with my on-site mentor.

Additionally, I conducted research this week to gain a better understanding of my research topic. I’m going to share some interesting findings in the following sentences of this paragraph. The COVID virus has led to global disruptions when it comes to attending a place of higher education. More than 6 in 10 of those who say the pandemic has affected their plans are stymied, unable to make their next decision about post-secondary education due to the effects of the quarantine (Bank, Sallie Mae, 2020). Additionally, many Americans have found themselves unemployed ruining their plans to pay for college. 9/10 parents believe it will be difficult to pay for their child’s college education (Ruffalo, Noel Levitz, 2020). Many colleges have fallen on hard times because of the virus and many cases have been either unable or unwilling to make meaningful cuts to tuition. Projected revenue losses for this fiscal year have been steep for public and private colleges alike: $25 million at George Washington University, $66 million at the University of Arizona, $90 million at Northwestern University, and $100 million at Penn State University, to name a few (Kelly, Andrew P. and Rooney Columbus, 1 July, 2020).

I’m just getting started but I’m very optimistic that I will have a very interesting and informative project to showcase in May. I look forward to keep you guys updated with my research!

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  1. Jamal B. says:

    Very informative! It’s pretty nice that your intern site is right in Tysons. It’s crazy that 6/10 college students have been affected by the quarantine. I hope by the time we go to college the pandemic will be much smaller. It’s also crazy how a single college can loose over $100M, that’s so much!

  2. Jeffrey G. says:

    While much of us are familiar with the weird college application process as a result of COVID, I find it very interesting that you are studying how this pandemic has affected colleges around the country. I’m very excited to see the final product of your research! Let’s hope that things return back to normal before we go off to college.

  3. meganf says:

    Karan, I am glad to see that your internship is off to a strong start! It sounds like you are acclimating well to the final phase of your senior year. I enjoyed reading some of your early research and I am looking forward to seeing how your project progresses in the weeks to come.


    Ms. Floyd

  4. trischaust says:

    Karan, this project really speaks to me! Your words about how students are feeling are exactly what we are experiencing at my house. My son started college in the fall and has returned home after, “not the college experience he wanted”. He is exactly as you stated, “stymied” about what to do next. It is a difficult place for students to be emotionally and for parents as well. It looks like you are addressing the financial impact of the pandemic on parents. I wonder if you will also look at the emotional impact on parents as they prepared their children to go out into the world and now do not know how to advise them on next steps?

    Mrs. Aust

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