Week 1: Starting my Senior Project (via Zoom)

Mar 12, 2021

Hello everyone! My name is Jeffrey, and welcome to my Senior Project blog!

During the past year, COVID-19 has significantly impacted our daily lives. In attempts to slow the spread of this disease, many of us have been in quarantine for what feels like forever. Issues of mental health have been exacerbated as a result, leading to a severe increase in the prescription and consumption of antidepressant medication. However, the impact of these drugs on brain function has been difficult to determine, as previous experimentation has led to mixed results. Thus, my Senior Project will examine the effects of common antidepressant drugs on memory consolidation processes. Specifically, I will be studying a neuronal process called Sharp-Wave Ripples, which serves as a biomarker for long-term memory. The goal of this project is to get a better idea of how each drug acts on the brain, and perhaps shed light on the mechanisms behind memory consolidation.

For my senior project, I will be working with Dr. Jian-Young Wu, a professor at Georgetown University. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, my internship is currently being conducted virtually. Because of this, my first week has been fairly uneventful. Much of my time has been spent reviewing past research to better understand the background information behind my research. For my first lab meeting, my lab group discussed previous research on monitoring social behavior using calcium imaging in the medial amygdala, as well as its uses in future research. Nevertheless, I remain hopeful that within the next few weeks, I will be able to go in-person to carry out experimentation. At this point, anything beyond a zoom meeting would be nice. Until then, I will continue my literature review in preparation for experimentation. See you guys next week!

3 Replies to “Week 1: Starting my Senior Project (via Zoom)”

  1. Jamal B. says:

    Wow, very cool Jeffrey! Your senior project research seems to be very complicated with lots of real-world implications. Hopefully you can return to the lab in-person soon!

  2. Eric M. says:

    Looking forward to what comes next! If anything, reading over past research is the best way to familiarize yourself with the field. It’s important work!

  3. davidc says:

    This is great so far. People often miss how much of science is actually just background research and seeing what has been done before you. It seems like you are off to a great start and I can’t wait to see what you learn.

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