Week One: The Intro

Mar 12, 2021

Hey, my name is Maria! Creativity has been such an important aspect in my life because it can be a unique way to relax especially after a busy week of studying for BASIS tests. The way I see it, art is basically a method of free therapy through creativity because it’s an opportunity to let loose and relieve emotions.

An Overview

In order to answer my research question of How Effective is Art Therapy as a Treatment of Trauma? I am learning more about the field of art therapy. The purpose of this study is to analyze and discover the effects of art therapy, specifically analyzing how it helps people deal with stress and anxiety, which is important for improving quality of life. I am using art therapy books and literature reviews to understand the process and create a hypothesis on the effectiveness of art therapy. In addition I have been attending Art Therapy Open Studios with Edinboro University to experience creating emotion driven art in a setting with others. This week I have begun to put together surveys for the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th graders which I will use before and after an artistic activity to see their change in mood. I am working on an effective way to quantify and analyze the data of these surveys in order to see the effect of the art activity. After meeting with my on-site advisor, also our BASIS Independent McLean guidance counselor, Ms. Fors, my next step is to decide and design an artistic activity that fits the scope of my project. 

I’m excited that this senior project journey is finally beginning because it combines my love for art and psychology!

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3 Replies to “Week One: The Intro”

  1. Ria K. says:

    Hi Maria! I really like the idea for your project and I love the way you are incorporating art therapy sessions and surveys to make your project. I also really like the way you are crafting your own project and making your own surveys. I am excited to see what you find

    1. Maria T. says:

      Thanks Ria! So far creating my own project has been great because I can also be creative with the process 🙂

  2. Eric M. says:

    That’s an interesting term I’ve never heard of. How does art therapy work? Should we try it? Do tell!

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