Week 1: An Abundance of Literature Reviews

Mar 13, 2021

Hi everyone! My name is Monali Gandhi and welcome to my blog! As the weeks go by I’ll be giving you guys updates on the progress of my research and internship.

For my senior project I will be interning at University of Maryland’s medical school at the Calu Lab. There, I will be working with rats to better understand the way a surplus of neurotransmitters affects various neural pathways. This research has a lot of potential to help us treat addiction in the long term. If we understand how motivational behavior changes based off of the triggers present, then we can manipulate our neural pathways to adjust for this.

Unfortunately, I cannot work in the lab until I turn 18, so for the next two weeks I will be conducting literature reviews, completing my training, and attending meetings virtually. This week I met some of the team and learned about the projects they are currently working on. Additionally, I read up on the papers that they had previously published. I found it really fascinating to learn about all the progress the team had made as well as the direction they are headed in now. I also began my lab safety training. When I am able to go on campus I need to be properly trained in handling rats, so for now I continue to read up on protocols and safety measures.

Next week I will meet the other half of the team as well as get specific assignments. I have my first group meeting where we will discuss specific articles, and how we can apply this information for future experiments.

I’m looking forward to all the amazing things planned, and I’ll see you guys next week with hopefully some exciting updates!

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  1. Eric M. says:

    Sounds exciting! I’m also gonna be working with rats! Literally not metaphorically. Question: what field does your research explore?

    1. Monali G. says:


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