Pre-lab Procedures and Fun

Mar 18, 2021

Hi y’all.

During this week, and for what I imagine to be half of next week, I will still be at home until I can complete the safety training(the next scheduled session is next week, so I have to wait for that). In the meantime, I have continued to keep up with the current procedures and progress the lab has made, as well as learn up on background information and past research.

There are a few main components in a simple biosensor: bioreceptor, signal transducer, and a circuit board to read that information. Biosensors have already been made using these methods, but research still continues to search for ways to make them better. In the field of materials science, researchers have been looking for different materials that serve as an improvement upon the previous models. Furthermore, engineers are searching for ways to improve the efficiency of biosensors by adapting different designs. While there are other areas to make improvements, these are the routes that we will take in the lab I am working at. We are currently in the process of creating a transducer using a polyimide strip and laser-induced graphene, similar to the models made in past research. The differences between our design lie in the exact materials tested as well as a few structural choices that I cannot disclose. Since research is slow, we are currently in the process of ensuring that our designs can be made the way we want, before we can proceed to testing their biosensing capabilities.

TLDR: I’m working on getting access to the lab and studying past research in the meanwhile.

Hope to describe what being in the lab is like soon!

5 Replies to “Pre-lab Procedures and Fun”

  1. Sean P. says:

    This is very interesting Eric! Quite frankly, I know absolutely nothing about biosensors. Therefore, I am excited to learn more about them in the coming weeks. Good luck on creating the transducer for your biosensor. Are the other components already created? Keep me up to date and continue the good work!

    1. Eric M. says:

      We haven’t made them, but we intend to make them as necessary during testing of biosensors. These other components are based off previous designs, so we aren’t pioneering anything here.

  2. Leo L. says:

    Hi Eric! The transducer sounds really fun! Can’t wait to see your work next week!

  3. Monali G. says:

    I’m excited to see if the polyamide strip works! Looking forward to the next update.

  4. Maria T. says:

    I have no idea what any of this means, but it’s awesome that you do! This is some cool stuff!

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