Week 2: General Pain

Mar 18, 2021

This week was eventful.

I terms of my project, I researched the terms of what I will be using in the coding section of my project.

The two big ones were:

TfidfVectorizer: this used term frequency to build a vector using the term as the direction and the frequency of that term as the magnitude. Usually, there are many of these that can then be added together using a math model to see if the article can be classified as fake or not.

PassiveAggressiveClassifier: This detects false negatives and false positives and changes some variables in the TfidfVectorizer to combat these errors. it is seen as “Passive Aggressive” because it does not activate on a correct classification, but only on a wrong one.


Now to the name sake of this blog. I got all four wisdom teeth out this Wednesday (or yesterday as I am writing this). This means that more than half my week has been spent in bed with gauze in my mouth and an icepack on my cheeks. As of right now, I am not able to used straws, suck, or spit in any way for the next day or so.

I am just in general, achy, pain.

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  1. Annie W. says:

    I. am. scared. of both the terminology and the pain.

  2. trischaust says:


    I’m impressed you were able to write with such clarity while in such pain. Hoping for a speedy recovery for you and a greater understanding of your project by the end of your blogging for me. 🙂

    Mrs. Aust

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