Week 2: Getting Started

Mar 21, 2021

Welcome back to my blog everyone! This week was stress relieving because I finally fixed the problems with my computer and software. I also went over the privacy and cybersecurity training in order to carry out my internship.

On the other hand, I have been continuing the research for my senior project with my on-site advisor, Mr. Liu. After reading several papers, we got together online and went over them. We discussed a couple of articles written by the National Bureau of Economic Research about the gender wage gap and how COVID has affected it. While I mostly read for the implications and future predictions, Mr. Liu was mostly looking at the empirical evidence and graphs the Bureau presented. The article contained many economical concepts that I was not familiar with, and Mr. Liu helped with my understanding of how a certain economic concept relates back to the implications I observed about the gender wage gap.

The article broke down the effect of COVID-19 on gender inequality and why this pandemic recession is different from a normal recession. In normal recessions, more men were hurt economically because the sector of economy that was affected (manufacturing, construction, etc) was mostly occupied by men. However, in this particular pandemic, women were hurt more because the service industry, which is mostly occupied by women, was heavily affected by the lockdown. In addition, many women had to leave their jobs in order to take care of their children due to the closing of child care centers. However, in the long run, researchers are speculating that the pandemic will help “erode social norms that underlie the unequal distribution of childcare between men and women. Because of the new concept of “working from home”, many fathers have been increasingly involved in childcare.

Next week, I will be starting the server training to familiarize myself with the program needed to continue my internship. Hopefully, this process will go smoothly with the help of the staff and technicians. Stay tuned for my next blog!


6 Replies to “Week 2: Getting Started”

  1. Annie W. says:

    Oooo, technology problems are the worst. I’m glad you fixed them!

  2. EPittman says:

    Your conversation with your advisor seems as if it was very informative and illuminating. I like how you articulate the differences in your approaches to the research. I am somewhat buoyed by your optimism that the pandemic will precipitate the erosion of gendered norms around domestic labor. I wonder if you have begun to consider whether employers are beginning to entice women to rejoin the workforce where possible?

    1. Mimi Y. says:

      Currently, I have not seen any research papers that have touched on that subject, so that is a very good question to ask. I would hope they are beginning to do that, but I think another question would be whether or not women themselves are willing to join back in the workforce. A good population of women did leave the workforce voluntarily, because they could afford to do so. Maybe there will be a mixed response on the women’s part regarding whether or not they would go back to work if given the opprotunity.

  3. Eric M. says:

    I agree with Annie, but at least the tech problems are over with. Now you’ve fallen into their trap. There are no more excuses(scary). I’m just messing around but it seems like you’ve found a great “place” for your internship, and I look forward to the developments you make!

  4. E Vander Wall says:


    The conversation with your advisor sounds so interesting. I really enjoy that you’re sharing the content of your research and your conversations in addition to your process. I look forward to reading more about your discoveries.

  5. Jacob J. says:

    Super cool! I’m excited to hear about your results during your presentation.

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