Week 2: A Quick Update!

Mar 22, 2021

Hello Everybody!

If I’m being completely honest, there wasn’t that much progression this week as it was mostly cataloging and citing sources. For both my research on Zion Baptist Church and Odrick’s Corner, many of the documents include deeds, genealogy records, censuses, and more. In order for the person reading your research document to have an easier time finding your sources, you must cite your source correctly. For censuses, you must include the district, date, zone, and dwelling in order to be able to go back and find it if needed.

There was also an interesting update Dr. Moon found on Zion Baptist Church. We found a living relative of one of the listed trustees of the Church and her contact information. Dr. Moon reached out to her, but we haven’t heard a response back. Hopefully, she will respond and we can have some more information on the history of the church other than geneaology records and newspaper articles.

Speaking of newspaper articles, one of the main sites I use for my research is called chroniclingamerica.loc.gov. It is a huge website that includes newspapers from almost every year for every state, small or large. These newspapers can go back all the way to 1776 until now. So for anyone reading that is interested, you should definitely check out the website and find some cool newspaper articles.

That is all for now! Hopefully, I can update you later this week with some interesting discoveries and progress.


8 Replies to “Week 2: A Quick Update!”

  1. trischaust says:

    Hi Annie,

    I am looking forward to following your work. My family is very into geneology! I’ll be passing the resource you cited along to some family members. Much of the work you are doing can be tedious, but it is so important for helping families and communities know their history. I’m looking forward to where you end up on this journey.
    Mrs. Aust

    1. Annie W. says:

      Yay! Sounds promising.

  2. EPittman says:

    Thanks for sharing the Library of Congress resource with your readers, Annie! I am jealous of all the time you are spending with historical papers and documents. Your cataloging skills and experiences are so valuable. You will practice these in your upper-level courses within your major. Or maybe even in your graduate studies (wink wink).

    1. Annie W. says:

      Let me graduate college first!!

  3. Mimi Y. says:

    The research process seems pretty taxing but interesting at the same time. I will be using that website now for my own research. Can’t wait for more updates!

  4. E Vander Wall says:


    It sounds like you’ve already discovered some really excellent and interesting resources! I hope you get to interview the source you discovered. I can’t wait to see what you produce with all this information.

    1. Annie W. says:

      Me as well:)

  5. Jacob J. says:

    Wow! You found the relative of the trustee using a census report?

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