First Blog Post!

Mar 25, 2021

Hi everyone!! I know I’m a little late, but here is my first blog post recapping the first few weeks of my internship. Throughout my internship and Senior Project I will be trying to identify how Art Therapy could be beneficial in treating patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

2 weeks ago I started my internship at Seven Corners Psychotherapy under the guidance of Ms. Jennifer Glacel. I have 3 main priorities to focus on during the time of my internship. Firstly, I need to catalog the large varieties of books that my office has so other therapists find it easier to know what content is where. Secondly, I will be working with Ms. Glacel to create pamphlets and educational materials for parents and children to understand what Art Therapy and Play Therapy is. My final task is working with the in-house therapists to understand the nuances of play and art therapy. I will be looking at why some therapists use certain materials as opposed to others and what the significance of that is.

I’m excited to keep everyone updated 🙂

2 Replies to “First Blog Post!”

  1. Jeffrey G. says:

    Your project seems very interesting! I’m excited to see the results of your research!

  2. mattr says:

    What an important contribution you’re making, Sreeya! Most of us know someone who has been affected with/by Alzheimer’s. We’d love for them to have such an opportunity as your research might provide!

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