Week 3 Shenanigans

Mar 26, 2021

Hey y’all!

This week was very slow in terms of developments in the project. Since we’re still waiting on hearing back from the administration, I don’t have affiliation with the lab yet. But, I should be at the lab next week! Which is what I think I said last week but I digress… Furthermore, the graduate student I am working under had travel plans due to an upcoming summer job he had lined up with a Silicon Valley tech company, so not much work was completed in the lab either.

However, that being said, our goals for the future week are as follows(unfortunately, I have to be vague about certain details): using silver to enhance our circuitry, improve our laser-cutting process, and trying to impose our research-specific design onto the created devices from the previous methods(I can’t say what this is, but pretty much we just want to test our ideas).

Further background in case anyone is still confused(because I think I’ve been skipping out on the background parts). The parts of a biosensor we are working with are the bioreceptor and transducer. The bioreceptor is the physical site at which we receive the biological signals/information we’re looking for. The transducer is what passes those signals/information into electrical signals that we can then use computers to interpret. With our mighty omnipotent and mystical powers of engineering, we are testing new designs in these two areas, but I can’t say exactly what they are.

Hope this all makes more sense now!

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  1. Mimi Y. says:

    Too bad about the lab work, I am sure you will be able to do it sooner or later! Although I am not an engineering expert (thanks for the background by the way), your future goals do sound really exciting! I am looking forward to the next blogs!

    Edit: This is an edit made by Eric because I noticed a button that lets me edit other people’s comments and I couldn’t resist testing it out but thank you for the kind words Mimi and I’m sorry for using your comment as an experiement.

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