Week 3 – More Codin’, More Readin’

Mar 29, 2021

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing well! This is Peter Li back with another blog! 🙂

This week has been mainly a continuation of what I did in week 2. For starters, I met with my project advisor Dr. Franchitti and his TA this week. As I mentioned in week 1’s blog post, Dr. Franchitti focuses on research in AI and cloud computing. We talked about both my project (concerning AI & music) and a project that I am helping him on called Robothon. This is a project that primarily consists of creating and analyzing trading bots. As of right now I am studying its algorithms and comparing them to my AI music resources, including GiantMIDI, that I am coding with.

Unfortunately, I am not able to disclose any specific information about Robothon because the project is under a non-disclosure act. 🙁 Therefore, for the most part of these blogs I will focus on my AI music project. Speaking of which, I shall continue my introduction of GiantMIDI that I started last week! As a continuation from last week I have been looking at more results & data published by the GiantMIDI team. The difference though is that as I read further into the research papers, I began to realize that music theory plays a considerable (more than I thought) role in analyzing the data and creating composition algorithms. 

I am putting together materials about this that I can present, and will be posting them in my next blog! Meanwhile, thanks a bunch for reading! Have a marvelous spring break & I will see you next time!

2 Replies to “Week 3 – More Codin’, More Readin’”

  1. Karan M. says:

    I look forward to hearing what additional information you gather from research papers. Great work!

  2. Dora X. says:

    Wow looks like you’re working on some secretive stuff here haha! I hope Robothon goes well and keep up the good work with GiantMIDI!

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