Week 3

Mar 29, 2021

Hello all and welcome back! My name is Jake. This past week I presented my findings to my intern company and they were pretty impressed with my progress. So far my product functionally pulls data from Twitter every time a relevant hashtag is used on the platform. I have just recently received the go ahead to continue my work and so now I will move on to incorporating Facebook and LinkedIn. As for my personal project I didn’t do much this week. I revised the base code and did a little bit more prep work for some more tedious bits of code in the future. I plan to spend most of my time in this coming week on Facebook integration for my intern company’s project.

Goodbye for now and, as always, have a great weekend!

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  1. Aaron Glanzer says:

    I had no doubt your company would be impressed. You always make some quick progress. Just keep imagining what your program will be like once the tedious parts are over!

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