Week 4: A Bump in the Road

Apr 02, 2021

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to week 4 of my blog!

This week has been fairly uneventful compared to the past few weeks, though I still have a few updates for you guys. A lot of my reading this week was centered around EEG (electroencephalogram) and LFP (local field potential) recording analysis. For the first time during my internship, I felt completely lost. Much of the tools used to analyze these recordings require extensive knowledge in data science and biophysics, fields that I practically know nothing about. I decided to first focus on EEG analysis, which weirdly looks like an alien hairnet (see image 1). 

Image 1: Picture of an electroencephalogram.

It turns out that EEGs can pick up a lot of information, including electrical noise that is useless when it comes to data analysis. Using computer programs, such as MATLAB, researchers can filter the external noise, leaving data from desired frequencies. For instance, if I wanted to analyze delta oscillations, which are low-frequency oscillations, I would apply a low-pass filter to my EEG recordings. To see the difference that filters can have on data, take a look at images 2 and 3. 

Image 2: Unfiltered EEG recordings.

Image 3: Same EEG data with a low-frequency filter.


In other news, I started my second online neuroscience course, which discusses the psychology of people with prescription drug addiction. The first lessons discussed the scale of the prescription drug epidemic and how even good-hearted doctors are unknowingly contributing to the problem. I also learned about the changes in behavior and rationality that occur when patients become dependent on certain medications. On a more positive note, my professor is getting his second shot of the Pfizer vaccine this weekend, meaning that we will be able to start experimentation soon!

Thanks for reading, and see you guys next week!


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  1. Eric M. says:

    Neat! Those EEG readings look like my heart rate during AP week

  2. Jamal B. says:

    Wow Jeff, very cool and informative! I hope your neuroscience course is going well. It’s also so exciting that you’re going to be able to start experimentation soon! I’m excited to see what modern day breakthroughs you and your team make in the lab.

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